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Make Your Life Easier with Banking Conveniences

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

A smiling young accesses her online banking features with her mobile phone.

Does banking in your pajamas sound appealing? Or, maybe you just want to save gas or not worry about manually making your loan payment each month. Whatever your motivation is, Select FCU offers many technological advances to make banking easier. Here are just a few of the modern conveniences the credit union offers:

Automated Loan Payments

Save time by setting up loan payments that will come out of your account without you having to do anything.

Loan Payment Date Selection

If your loan payment is always due right BEFORE your paycheck arrives, it makes juggling your finances challenging. Select FCU will allow you to adjust your payment date to work with your paycheck schedule.


Need to pay someone but don’t have a check? Select FCU offers members access to an app called PopMoney that will allow you to send money electronically to a friend, co-worker or family member by text or email.


Tired of your house being cluttered with paper? Sign up to get your statements delivered by email so you can save them on your computer instead and lower your chances of identity theft or bank fraud.

Automated Transfers

Set up a monthly transfer from your checking to your savings account so you can build your savings without worrying about it.  Also, be sure to ask us about our great Savers Club account that pays higher dividends than our regular savings account.

FREE SELECT24 Audio-Teller Response System

When you don’t have computer or Internet access, you can make transfers and check your balance with just a phone call for FREE!

Mobile Banking App

If you’re on-the-go a lot, the Select FCU mobile banking app allows you to check your balance and make transfers wherever you are.

Online Banking

If you prefer to take care of your finances on a computer, just sign up for online banking. Then, when it's time to do your banking, just click on the online banking link and you can easily do it on your personal computer (PC).

Direct Deposit

If you’re still picking up your paycheck and cashing it at the bank, be sure to ask your company if they offer direct deposit into your Select FCU checking account. This will save time and allow you to access your money faster.

To learn more or sign up for any of these conveniences, give us a call at 210-223-6561.
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