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Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union

We are excited to announce that great progress has been made on the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Campaign that the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) started running this past year to increase consumer awareness of and consideration for credit unions.

The reality is that only 28 percent of Americans would consider a credit union before seeing the campaign materials - most likely because they don't know about the many benefits credit unions offer. The Open Your Eyes campaign is starting to change that statistic. After viewing the campaign materials, 75 percent of consumers say they would consider a credit union, according to campaign follow-up research.

Here at Select FCU, we believe more progress can be made if our members help share the campaign and benefits of credit unions with their friends and family. To do that, members can easily share the campaign website and videos. To begin sharing the awesome benefits of credit unions, check out these campaign videos and website: Open Your Eyes videos and Your Money Further.

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