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How to Save Money on Groceries and Still Eat Healthy

Long has been a family's dream of saving money on groceries and with the recent increase in inflation, you’re probably even more interested in finding ways to cut your expenses. You’re probably already familiar with the most common tips such as couponing, shopping sales, buying generic brand items and going shopping after eating a full meal to reduce impulse buys. Unfortunately, many of these tips don’t allow the shopper to buy the healthiest options and organic, good quality groceries are more expensive. So is it even possible to buy these types of items on a budget? We propose that is possible by following a few smart shopping guidelines. Here are a few ways how:

Plan Your Meals:

How many times have those strawberries gotten moldy after sitting in the fridge too long? When buying fresh produce or meats, it is important to meal-plan around them so they won’t go to waste. Meal planning will also encourage you to check your pantry to see what you have already so your budget is not being spent on items you already have. Having a plan also allows you to predetermine your budget and how much you can spend at the store.

Buy in Bulk:

Shopping in bulk can save a lot of money. This could be done at a bulk warehouse store like Costco, which carries many organic products, or at a local farmers market or organic food coop. To save enough for healthier foods, buy less expensive bulk items such as paper products, frozen food and pantry items that you can store for a long time. Or, you can buy perishables that can be stored frozen. You will need to plan ahead, buy only what you are going to use and check prices per-unit to make this successful. While it does take some work, it’s well worth it.

Simplify Meals:

Meals don’t need to be elaborate - think one-to-three item dishes. Sheet pan dinners, soups or crockpot meals are great, healthy alternatives to complicated gourmet meals that have a lot of special ingredients. Keeping it simple will not only save you time and be easier to plan, it will allow you to buy better quality food because you are not buying as much.

Do It Yourself:

Grow your own food! Even if you live in an apartment in the city, there are creative ways to grow your own food in pots! There is a bit of cost and learning curve up front, but the return is great! Not only will this ensure you get great quality produce, but you will gain the self-satisfaction of knowing that you grew it yourself!

Choosing fresh, organic food doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you follow one, or all of these suggestions, we hope this gives you the freedom to know you have options.

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