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Breaking Up With Debt

Breakups are hard, Select FCU gets it! Let us help you start saving money with some better money management options, so you can break up with debt and gain financial freedom.

Consolidate your debt. Debt consolidation loans are one of the simplest ways to combine all of your debt into one payment. By minimizing your monthly payments, you may be to save money and payoff your debt sooner.

Minimize spending. We can all work on spending less by cutting out impulse buys. A good way to practice this is by going on a short-term spending freeze. Ask yourself before your next purchase, “Do I really need this?”

Practice budgeting with your bills. Paying bills can be stressful when you do not have enough coming in. You should practice reviewing your monthly bills to see what you are actually paying each month. For example, you may be paying monthly for cable but spending most your time watching Hulu or Netflix. This may be a cost you can cut out completely if you are not fully using the service.

Using any of the tips above together can help you break up with debt and make your life a little less stressful. At Select FCU, your financial health is important to us. Contact us today for more information about the services we offer, 210.223.6561.

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